Bad weather

Well the weather forecast from yesterday certainly followed through. Click here to see what I had to say about the forecast.

This is what we are left with for the weekend:


We have NO idea what to do with ourselves. Suggestions of indoor sports such as rock climbing or badminton have been shut down due to Ryan’s shredded finger. What does everyone else do on a rainy day?

We won’t have any adventures from this weekend to post about. Don’t worry, we have a range of previous adventures that can be revealed on weekends like this…

Afternoon update:
After lots of um-ing and ahh-ing about what we should do, and spending several minutes spinning around and around in the kitchen until we were dizzy, I decided to make some cookies.

Not any kind of cookie… Triple choc fish shaped cookies!!


Ok, so they looked a lot more like fish before going into the oven, and the shark on the left looked a bit more menacing…


You get the idea.

Boy oh boy are we bored!!!

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