Serious matters

I like to keep this blog full of fun stuff, but sometimes life can be a bit more serious.

There is no denying that we lead an absolutely awesome lifestyle. It would not be possible if we did not have our health, and that is something I will never forget.

A close friend of mine was only 18 years old when he found out that he had an aggressive cancer. Cancer on his tongue. He had just completed his first year of university and was supposed to start enjoying his summer holidays. Instead, he went to hospital for surgery, followed by radiation treatment.

I cannot imagine what it would feel like to go through what he did, but he always kept a smile on his face. If anyone could beat it, it was him. I remember sitting at his bedside in the hospital when he took hold of a cup of water with a straw in front of the doctors and had his first sip. They were amazed. He should not have been able to do that so soon. I felt so proud.

Without the medical technology we have today, I probably would never see his beautiful smile again.

His brother is also a good friend of mine and has taken it upon himself to do a ride to conquer cancer.

The background to Daniel’s story can be found by clicking here

There are a few more details about what he went through than what I have shared in this post.

His brother’s fundraising page can be found by clicking here

The ride involves 560kms over a period of 3 days. His goal is to raise $5000 for this great cause.

This post is to keep you all aware that sometimes unexpected things can happen. Life is short so you have to make the most of it.

For Daniel, thanks to cancer research, he can now go on to live a long and prosperous life.

For those willing to support the cause, any donations to Adam’s fundraising are appreciated.

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