Friday update – Australia Day II

Our lifestyle is so dependent on weather. Really, it hasn’t been that good here these days. We left the country as the worst hit, with that cyclone that ripped apart Queensland. That happened during the Australia day weekend. For those readers who are not Aussie, Australia day is a public holiday where we have many outdoor activities and barbecues.

As a result, tourism Queensland is calling for Australia Day II in Queensland. You can see the ad here:

Although the weather forecast is not as bad as last time, it is still not ideal.

courtesy of

What’s on the cards this weekend you ask?

Well, going to a theme park. That’s on Saturday when the forecast is “fine in the morning with a chance of a late storm.”

Judging by the graph, the wind on Sunday looks good for boating. The rain, not so good.

Check in next week to see what we got up to.

Happy weekend.

PS: if you have any tips on how to win the lotto, let us know. We are very keen to start our sailing adventures now. Especially seeing as our winter is looming.

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