The bad weather was put on hold for a day last Saturday. Blue skies came out. It was a glorious day to go to Dreamworld and celebrate a friend’s birthday!


For those of you visiting South East Queensland, the theme parks are easy to get to on the highway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

If you are into FUN then there are 4 parks to choose from. Dreamworld and Whitewater world are connected. You can visit both in one day, or buy a multi day pass and enjoy them to the max. On the other side of the highway are Wet n Wild and Movieworld.

I recommend a full day for Dreamworld. As they advertise, it is so many worlds in one!


Ok so I only managed a photo of one of the worlds. There is just too much to do to find time for photos!

If you have been there before, I think you should go again. It has transformed with so many new rides and things to see. It was almost like I had never experienced Dreamworld.

If you are living in Queensland and have an RACQ membership, pre-purchase your tickets. You receive 10% off and can enter the park an hour before all other visitors.

That’s all the time you need to do the big rides and beat all the line-ups.





For those of you who are not into “thrills” as such, there are plenty of options. The log ride is nice



The whitewater rapids are quite fun as well.



For anyone with really small children, all of the worlds have something suitable for them. Wiggles world is specifically designed for the little humans, obviously.

The best ride is definitely “The Claw.” Well, that’s my vote anyway. This ride never has a long line-up an it is very thrilling. This was the highlight of my day. Not only because it is my favourite ride, but because my friend Hannah hated it. Ok, I sound mean by saying that. If I had audio of the whimpering noises she was making, I would play them for you. She had us in stitches of laughter.

The most overrated ride was the shockwave. Here we are on that one, minus Hannah.



Granted we did this ride next after Hannah’s traumatizing experience. She chose to be team photographer for the time being. Us waiting for the ride:

Shortly after that a young boy came to stand behind us. Hannah told him he was very brave. His response: “I’m only twelve.” Yeah Hannah!

We concluded that children don’t have the fear factor most adults develop at some point whilst they are growing up old. That seems to be the case for one of us anyway πŸ™‚

For those who have developed maximum fear, are injured or are pregnant, don’t worry, there is always tiger island to entertain you.





So if you are anywhere near the vicinity of the theme parks, go and have some fun at Dreamworld. Like I said, it was way too much fun to take photos of absolutely everything.

I have never found enough time to try every single ride. My hot tip is not to bother with the cyclone roller coaster if the line-up is longer than half an hour.

If you go, or have been there, me know what your favourite ride is and why.

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