Remembering the blue skies

Wow so I saw some blue sky and a little bit of sun today. We are still being tormented by some rain, but it seems the deluge is over… for now.

So far, we have already had more than half the annual rainfall for the year, and I think I heard someone day we have had more than the average March rainfall. It’s only the 4th!!!

So much water.

It’s times like these where all we can do is just try to remember the times when we were showing off our fantastic weather…. Seems like so long ago.

Remember Christmas? I showed you some beautiful photos and videos.

Friends of ours started out in the same area, but had more time off than we did. We jealously happily waved them off, as they headed North on their sailing catamaran.

They collected friends along the way, one of which is a cinematographer. Ben Nott is his name.

You HAVE to watch the video! It puts my efforts to shame, that’s for sure.

FUNHUNTERS 2013 from Ben Nott on Vimeo.

The location is one I have not yet talked about. Fraser Island. Another gem on the Queensland coast. We are well overdue for a trip there.

Thank you to Michael for giving me permission to share the video

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