Land things

I was almost going to skip the beginning of the week post this week. We missed out on adventures by having to turn down a sailing trip to our favourite surfing spot. Instead, we did land things. Of course these have to be done, so the average weather made it easier. Also, Baker seems to be hanging around and still causing some pain for Ryan.

I tell you what, I could have used the surfing practice! Do you remember that time we asked for your help?

Well we received some amazing suggestions!! We would have liked to try PNG but the surf season is off. It starts in our summer and the whole point of the adventure is to escape our winter.

Attempts were made to book a spot at Namotu Island in Fiji. That is almost impossible, because they give priority to people who went there last year. Ryan found one spot with another group, but not two.

After doing much research and reviewing all suggestions we decided on Samoa. It’s going to be awesome.

Ok, so this was not an exciting post about one of our weekend adventures, but here is a photo of a pretty flower I bought.


Why did I buy flowers you ask? Well, our wedding is not going to plan itself. I know nothing about these things, so on Saturday I got a bit of a lesson about flowers at the Brisbane flower market.

Being at the flower market meant being near the fresh produce market, so I also organised some fresh juice. Very domesticated!


I look forward to the exotic fruits we will come across on our sailing adventure.

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