It’s almost weekend.. Here’s your Friday update

This weekend last year the Brisbane spearfishing community saw a tragedy. Unfortunately a spearo suffered a shallow water blackout and passed away off Moreton Island.

Soon after, a charity spearfishing competition was held to raise money for his young family. Now, that competition looks like it has become a big event for the anniversary of his passing. We have registered for the competition. Not necessarily because we are into competitions, but because it’s great to see spearos from all over Queensland getting together in one place.

To the fish of SE Queensland, you’d better look out, there is an army coming your way.

The weather is looking average. If the forecast from the beginning of the week Had of stuck, it would have been perfect. Now, there are slightly stronger winds to make it that little bit more uncomfortable. At least I don’t think it will be enough that the competition gets cancelled.

Here is the graph from Seabreeze for the weekend:

FYI the red arrows would be better, because that means less wind.

This weekend is all about focusing on safety. That is paramount in spearfishing to avoid any further tragedies.

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