The boat show

The boat show. Good for spending money in your mind but not your wallet. Bad for making you wish it was your wallet.

We walked out yesterday with some new ideas about boats we love. Of course, it is all just a dream.

I am happy to report that we still favourite the Catana for a sailing catamaran. Unfortunately for us, it’s not just the sailing boats that interest us. We saw some fantastic small(ish) motor boats that would be just divine for our weekend activities and daytrips.

I don’t know why we do this to ourselves. The RIB we have is perfect for all the things we do…. But there could always be more.. Like a cabin.. And a shower… And a kitchen haha!

In the end we stuck to more realistic things….

… Oh wait. That’s not it.

We came home with a vacuum pack machine. Yep, we went to the boat show and we came home with a kitchen appliance. It’s all related. I promise.

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