Hive Swimwear

I am very excited to announce that Hive is our new blog sponsor, and the answer to all my swimwear woes.

If you have visited this blog since the weekend, you would have noticed their logo popping up.

I could not think of a better company and am ecstatic they would even consider being a sponsor. I’m not a bikini model, nor am I a professional at any of the water sports in which I participate. However, Hive is still willing to support an ordinary girl who likes to get out there, do these activities and share them with the world.

Ladies, I highly recommend checking out their range. Great looking bikinis that actually stay on, if you are active in the water. Support the company that also supports ordinary girls like me.

I can tell you that I am not only promoting Hive because they have agreed to sponsor this blog. I have been recommending the company to other ladies with similar swimwear woes for a really long time.

This has also happened just in time for our trip to Samoa.

Thank you so much to Hive, who are based in Noosa, Queensland. Don’t worry if you don’t live nearby, you can just order online.

3 responses to “Hive Swimwear

  1. Hive looks amazing- really nice designs & actually affordable! Will def check it out before our next summer.

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