Time to pack…

With a week and a half to go until our trip to Samoa, I think the title of this post is a bit deceiving. Who am I kidding? We won’t be packing until the night before we leave.

There are some things we should really think about. Anyone spending 24 days on a tropical island would just bring some swimmers, a couple of shirts, shorts and maybe a dress or two. If this was the case for us, we could get away with one bag between both of us.

However, given we can’t sit still, there are various toys we need to bring along.

First, this is a surfing holiday. So Ryan’s surfboard is top of the list. My surfboard is broken, and I’m not that good at it anyway. I’ll try to find one over there.

Next, we appear to be spearfishing & free-diving obsessed. So that gear is coming too. Boy oh boy, there is a lot of it:
1. Speargun x 2
2. Mask x 2
3. Snorkel x 2
4. Fins x 4 (well, 2 pairs)
5. Dive knife x 2
6. Weight belt + weights x 2
7. Wet suit x 2 (perhaps only half, given the tropical warmth)
8. Pair of gloves x 2
9. Pair of diving socks x 2
10. Shark shields there are no sharks in Samoa, right?


Then there is the back-up plan. If it’s too windy for surfing or diving, we need Ryan’s kite surfing gear. I think I can convince him to leave the board at home and just use his surfboard.

Even without the board, it still requires a kite, lines and pump! That all comes in a pack about the size of a big backpack.

And then there are the cameras. Essential for capturing as many amazing moments as possible. The fancy digital SLR with extra lenses, so I can try and get some decent photographs. Should I take a tripod to maximise photo taking ability? The GoPro camera is definitely a must pack item, for the underwater and top of the water footage. Now the question is, do we take a GoPro each or just one to share? Do I also take my smaller waterproof & shock proof camera for quick trips, or rely on GoPro for those shots, despite not being able to see the photos I’m taking until they are on the computer?

Computer. That’s right! I have to take my laptop to download all of the footage, and maybe even a small external hard drive to store the footage.

Then there is the entertainment. I am sourcing a kindle for the trip so that I’m not taking up too much luggage space with books.

Lucky it is going to be a warm climate, without the need for thick clothing. I’m sure I can squeeze my 6 (OK 7) pairs of bikinis somewhere in amongst all that gear. Ryan has room for a shirt and a pair of board shorts. If it was up to him, the shirt would stay at home.

At least we have managed to prepare ourselves with a good surfboard case on wheels. I’m hoping that will fit in some of the bigger gear. We may have to revise the weights and weight belt situation, given luggage weight restrictions, but we will see how we go.

The list is quite large already, without including the other usual essentials (power adapters, electronics chargers, toiletries, sunscreen, zinc, hats, travel documents).

Time to get organised… Or at least pretend to think about getting organised. I guess this post will come in handy next week when we are trying to check whether we remembered everything.

I think I’ll let ryan bring his pink travel case along…


**The day after posting update: we are apparently taking two more surfboards and the kiteboard. I can’t convince Ryan otherwise**

**It’s almost time to go. Now we are getting my surfboard fixed and one of our friends has kindly lent me a board bag. So much stuff.**

6 responses to “Time to pack…

  1. Hmmm the pink suitcase suits him so much…. much more important than the surfboard I think!! Hehehe;-)

  2. let us know if you find any good spearing spots, we are heading to samoa aug 17 for two weeks of spearfishing (yay)

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